New Motorhome Reviews - 2015

Yes, they are at the top of the list for Cheapest Diesel Pushers but not in quality, features, options… I personally drove a 33.2 model of these Short Class A Diesel Pushers and fell in love. It drove well, had one of the best floor plans at 34 feet in length, and was under 12 feet tall. This shorter size allowed these short diesel pushers to easily fit inside my garage door (height of 12 ft.)

Top Diesel Pushers & Diesel Motorhomes

Newest of the Compact Diesel Pushers…

The newest series of their Palazzo Class A Diesel Motor Homes was just announced, and the 33.3 Bunkhouse with Bunk Beds and a motorized bunk didn’t mattress didn’t disappoint. Here’s Video Review of the Thor Palazzo Diesel Pusher RV 

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