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Super C Motorhomes (AKA Class C Plus RV) unveiled from North America’s top selling motorhome manufacturers of Class A Motorhomes, Class C Motorhomes, Diesel Pushers, & now Super C Motorhomes.

Super C Motorhomes (AKA Class C Plus RV) unveiled from North America’s top selling motorhome manufacturers of Class A Motorhomes, Class C Motorhomes, Diesel Pushers, & now Super C Motorhomes.

Here’s the newest diesel powered Class C RV or Super C Motorhome hitting the US and Canadian motorhome markets. With 10,000 lbs of towing and a powerful PowerStroke diesel engine on a Ford Super Duty F-550 Class C motorhome chassis I has my vote for Best New Motorhome of 2013.

Link: New Fourwinds 2013 Super C Diesel Motorhomes

Super C Motorhome

These Super C Motorhomes are build on a commercial Ford F550 chassis platform that’s proven to be Durable Heavy Duty, Durable, and Fuel Efficient Diesel Engine)

Class Super C RV

Link: Super C Motorhome Manufacturers Announcement

Here’s a look at the new 37GT Challenger Luxury Motorhomes:

Class A Motorhomes | Class A RV | Class A Motor Home

What a great Class A Motor Home floor plan, large island kitchen with a bar… You would think you were looking at a diesel pushers, this is a gas-powered coach! 

Class A RV with Big Kitchen - 2013 Class A Motorhomes

The Best Class A Motorhome Floor Plan In Years!

Yes, they are at the top of the list for Cheapest Diesel Pushers but not in quality, features, options… I personally drove a 33.2 model of these Short Class A Diesel Pushers and fell in love. It drove well, had one of the best floor plans at 34 feet in length, and was under 12 feet tall. This shorter size allowed these short diesel pushers to easily fit inside my garage door (height of 12 ft.)

Top Diesel Pushers & Diesel Motorhomes

Newest of the Compact Diesel Pushers…

The newest series of their Palazzo Class A Diesel Motor Homes was just announced, and the 33.3 Bunkhouse with Bunk Beds and a motorized bunk didn’t mattress didn’t disappoint. Here’s Video Review of the Thor Palazzo Diesel Pusher RV 

New Class C Motor Homes, Today’s Top Selling Class C RV Brand… These Class C Motor Homes are for sale in the US & Canada…

Class C Motor Homes

New Class C Motor Homes

Short Class A Diesel Motorhomes

Short Class A Diesel Motorhomes

Video Review of the 2012 Thor Motor Coach Tuscany Class A Luxury Diesel Motorhomes… Review of the Top of the Line 2012 Tuscany Diesel Pushers from Thor Motorhomes. These Luxury Motor Homes make the list of the best motorhomes of 2012. These Class A Diesel Motorhomes are built on top of the rock solid Freightliner Chassis and are available in lengths from 36 foot up to the maximum 45 foot. 

Tuscany brand of luxury diesel pushers are a sophisticated combination of high-end living features and elegant automotive design. available is two series XTE and the TAG. No only do both series offer the best value in luxury diesel motorhomes but also lead the way with best in class standard features, cavernous basement storage capacities, and livable floor plans to name a few. The Tuscany tag axle models boast a Cummins 8.9L ISL Turbo Diesel Engine with 450 Horse Power. 

To find out more about these luxury diesel motorhomes go to or to see all the other motorhome brands.

For all their diesel motorhomes go to

XTE Tuscany Diesel Pushers
TAG Tuscany Diesel Motorhomes

The official 2012 Factory Tuscany Video:

Description of what a Class C RV is, one of the best motorhome for families.

Class C RV aka Class C Motorhomes

Among Class C Motorhome Brands Fourwinds is the most popular choice.

The New 2013 Tuscany Diesel Motorhomes offer a 45 foot diesel pusher on a Freightliner Chassis powered by a 450 Horse Power (450HP) Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine. TMC is the Diesel Motorhome Manufacturer who builds these coaches.

TMC just released the new 2013 Tuscany line of diesel motorhomes. These Diesel Pushers are for sale in the United States & Canada. With four floor plans to choose from ranging from 36 foot to the 45 foot, the largest a motorhome can legally be. The 2013 line has become popular due to the best floor plans in the current luxury motorhomes market. TMC has become a Best Manufacturer of Diesel Motorhomes by offering top level after the sale service and support.  

2013 Tiffin Phaeton Diesel Motorhomes vs Winnebago Tour Diesel Pushers

2013 - 45 Foot Luxury Diesel Pushers:

TMC Manufacturers Diesel Motorhomes, Luxury Diesel Pushers, Class A RV, Class C RV, & Class B Motorhomes

Here is a list of the 2013 small class c rvs with the turbo diesel Mercedes Benz engine. The sprinter motorhome chassis is the best for fuel efficiency and durability. The new 2013 Mercedes Benz motorhomes are now for sale. I have to say these of at the top of my list for brands.

Class C Diesel Motorhomes - 2013 Sprinter RV - Best Brands

2013 Small Class C Diesel Motorhomes Above

Motorhomes by Winnebago,Fleetwood,Tiffin,Jayco,Monaco,Entegra,GMC,Brands

Manufacturer of Class A RV, Class C RV, Class B Motorhomes, and Diesel Pusher Motorhomes